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Supercarb Xpress 1000g

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SuperCarb Xpress

Five carbohydrate sources
Combined absorption
Lactose-free formula
With vitamin b6 and chromium

Determination and energy, hand in hand.

We know that you want to perform to the max during your workouts. This will definitely require determination, motivation and a fire that drives you throughout the trainings. This is the most important ingredient.

However, if you want to make the most of your potential, you must be properly energised to keep up with the enduring training regime.
SuperCarb Xpress contains five sources of carbohydrates with different – slower and faster – absorption rates. It is scientifically proven that performance during long workouts is hindered by the limited glycogen reserves of the muscles. These reserves can be better replenished with a higher carbohydrate intake. More replenished reserves = more effective workouts. It's as simple as this.

The carbohydrates in SuperCarb Xpress have different glycaemic indices, some provide your body with carbs faster and for shorter periods, while others more slowly and for longer periods, so that you can perform to the max in every moment of your workout.

We also added Chromium and Vitamin B6. Why? Because Chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, while Vitamin B6 reduces fatigue and exhaustion.* Both come in handy during a tough training session.

*Scientifically substantiated claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

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